Ready Plumbed Modules™ (RPM)

Ready Plumbed Modules™

Pre-plumbed ducting

First designed over 15 years ago, we wanted our Ready Plumbed Modules™ to be the best pre-plumbed ducting system on the market and today, over 75,000 units are in use across the UK. Changing the way washrooms are installed, pre-plumbed ducting systems make duct fitting faster and easier. Delivered ready to install, each module combines a carefully selected range of sanitaryware and brassware fitted to panels and pre-assembled onto a rigid aluminium frame so on-site labour is kept to a minimum and the finished look is always first class. Wall hung WCs and back-to-wall WCs are supplied separately for on-site fixing.

We supply:

  • Rigid aluminium frame
  • Access panels
  • Flashgap panels
  • Powder coated skirting
  • Panel fittings
  • Pre-plumbed sanitaryware
  • Pre-plumbed brassware
Take a look at our Ready Plumbed Modules vs. Traditional Ducting video to see just how much time and money our RPM system can save you.

1 - Framing
Factory assembled rigid extruded aluminium frame. Integral rail for cisterns and sanitaryware

2 - Flashgaps
Supplied oversize for on-site adjustment

3 - Panels
Factory fitted access panels

4 - Plumbing
Pre-plumbed and pressure tested where appropriate

5 - Fittings
Push fit, lift off or hinged panel fittings

6 - Tiebacks
Threaded rods, adjustable in two planes, lock frame to the building structure

7 - Sanitaryware
A dedicated range of sanitaryware specifically chosen and tested for Bushboard RPM units

8 - Skirting
Pre-finished aluminium skirting in Silver or Charcoal Grey powder coat. Also available with flashgap skirting option.

Full Colour Range

MFC, HPL, SGL, Wood Veneer