Washroom vanity unit

Choose Ezeevanity™, Bushboard's one piece washroom vanity unit, which delivers some of the benefits of the Ready Plumbed Modules™ vanity unit with your own or existing sanitaryware and brassware fitted on-site. Bushboard offer a wide range of vanity units; Counter Top vanity unitSemi-Recessed vanity unitHydra and Centurus WashtroughCantilever vanity unit and Stainless Steel Washtrough.

We supply

  • Vanity top
  • One piece vanity under frame
  • Under Panels

You supply

  • Sanitaryware
  • Brassware

Take a look at our Ready Plumbed Modules Vanity  vs. Traditional Ducting Vanity video to see just how much time and money our RPM system can save you.