Ezeeduct™ Ducting

Ezeeduct™ metal framed ducting

Metal framed ducting

Choose Ezeeduct™, Bushboard's own brand of metal framed ducting, and you gain some of the features and benefits of RPM combined with your own sanitaryware and brassware choice to be fitted on site. For cost effectiveness, you can even re-use existing sanitaryware with Ezeeduct™.

We supply:

  • Rigid aluminium frame
  • Access panels
  • Flashgap panels
  • Powder coated skirting
  • Panel fittings

You supply:

  • Sanitaryware
  • Brassware
Take a look at our Ready Plumbed Modules vs. Traditional Ducting video to see just how much time and money our RPM system can save you.

1 - Framing
Factory assembled rigid extruded aluminium frame

2 - Flashgaps
Supplied oversize for on-site adjustment

3 - Panels
Suitable for use with your own sanitaryware and brassware

4 - Fittings
Push fit, lift off or hinged panel fittings

5 - Tiebacks
Threaded rods, adjustable in two planes, lock frame to the building structure

6 - Skirting
Pre-finished aluminium skirting in Silver or Charcoal Grey powder coat. Also available with flashgap skirting.


Full Colour Range